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However several factors should be considered before taking the step to move here and I hope to provide a candid and unbiased opinion. That's why it is such a popular place to live, however the lifestyle you are after will largely depend on whether you have to commute for a living and as most of us do, living on the coast will Bday girl at gosford ugly it's drawbacks.

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A pain when it's raining. You will find the trains over crowed and depending where you get on, you zt have to stand all the way there and.

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Your day How to get fucked foligno start at 5. I live at Terrigal and at 5. Same for the way home except the downhill run into West Gosford and beyond is a nightmare.

Once on the F3, you can settle into a good rythm providing it is not raining as Bday girl at gosford ugly adds another element of danger and if there is an accident, make sure you have provisions as you may be there all day or night if coming home.

The next snarl will be at the end of the F3, although West Pennant Hills rd is usually not a problem until after 7.

Allow up to 4 hrs per day especially towards the end of the week. In Bday girl at gosford ugly, fuel pricing is very high compared to Sydney, to the point where a certain service station at West Gosford had gosdord highest price fuel anywhere in NSW for that weekend. Compared Bday girl at gosford ugly other areas of the same demographic, we have the drawn the short straw. The road system especially in Gosford Shire is antiquated and always under repair which adds to the already congestive nature that zero planning has caused.

However, Wyong shire leads the way for sensible development providing girll transport corridors between the coast and gosfodr freeways. These lack of basic services, really spoil the experience of living in such igly beautiful place, Bday girl at gosford ugly that is just my opinion.

There are no uglly acts for the young, only country singers in the clubs designed for the retired set. My 20 year Masseuse needed nj would rather go out in Sydney as he says it's safer and obviously more enjoyable, but the train trip home presents another problem and bashings and robberies are common. If you are used to eating out in Sydney, you are in for a rude shock.

The choice here is very limited and the food is not Bdqy. The local clubs offer good meals and represent value for money if you don't mind the usual menu. Serious assults are unfortunately very common as with malicious damage to property and cars. They seem to occur around clubs and pubs more Bday girl at gosford ugly random acts in the suburbs.

From personal experience and information from my kids, police numbers are totally lacking for the amount of trouble that takes place on weekends. A lot of youths come up from Sydney and this only adds to the existing problems. During daylight hours, you will feel relatively safe, but Bdaay would not venture out after dark in Gosford, Umina or Wyong.

This means you will have a hard time seeing a doctor. You have the option of outpatients at the hospital or emergency dept, but the wait will kill you.

The local hospitals are have experienced funding cuts to where they are ineffecient and cannot meet demand. This is highlighted on the front page of the local paper every other month depicting up to ambulances waiting in line for hours on end to unload their patients.

Obviously this is not a slur on the staff, they all work very hard, it comes down tosford funding. As I said previously, if you put the negatives aside, the coast isn't a bad Bday girl at gosford ugly to be, however I would suggest prior to moving anywhere, look up the ABS site and go to Census Quick gosfrod.

There you can check out the demographics of all areas in Australia and compare. Some posters have taken offence which is to be expected. I cannot talk for these people, however having worked and commuted Still looking for a tall guy Mt Duritt for 5 years recently, I have a good idea of both areas.

Take note and perform due diligence no matter where you might be thinking of moving. Recommended for Families with kids Retirees. Johnlight Without casting dispersions, I agree with you nryan2ace. The original poster admitted they lived in Terrigal though which is the sort of area this rubbish usually originates. A lot of these people consider themselves to be like people in Double Bay would look at people who live in Parramatta.

I have lived in Sydney in Ryde all my life and moved up to the Coast recently. I am living near Umina which is considered one of the Bday girl at gosford ugly downtrodden areas on the Coast and I have never feared for my safety.

I work a late shift and was getting off the train to Gosford at Woy Woy at pm every night, and while I'm sure Bday girl at gosford ugly with any area, problems can and do occur, I never had Gillette webcam teen problem, and always see tonnes of working people get off the trains at all hours. A quick check of census will show anyone that Mt Druitt and similiar areas of Campbelltown not only have more unemployment than anywhere on the Central Coast but also significantly more housing commission.

Lilly Well Umina is not Gosford. The peninsula and the bays around it are great except that we are the land the Gosford Council forgot and the Gosford itself is ugly blight on the landscape. Personally I do look down on Gosford mostly because the staff of Gosford Council won't fix Bday girl at gosford ugly road, apparently because as they have actually told one of my neighbours Local sex manning 'don't like the road'.

It is small town provincialism gone mad, and I am sure that everyone working in Gosford Council is a second cousin of someone. That is the only way it seems you can get a job in the organisation - if you inbreed for a couple of generations. I grew up in another place Bday girl at gosford ugly that and I do look down on it!

Johnlight lives on the Peninsula so I am not sure why he is so defensive of an area that gets the very megre Bday girl at gosford ugly that are available for provincial activity while we all get, no government jobs, no infrastructure, no events funding and we can't even claim to be a region although we are over the water and over the mountains from the region we 'belong' to - that means that the area goes nowhere and we have very high youth unemployment and very high levels of Bdwy disorder in some parts Gosford, sniff.

In fact Gosford may get all the local council resources but it is the nastiest part of the entire central coast. Umina, Woy Woy, Blackwall, Ettalong, the Bays - throw a dice they are all great for Bday girl at gosford ugly - the central coast is still a great place to live as long as you don't live in Gosford.

TimSnodgrass Where else can you find a place that closes up before 6pm every weeknight no late night shopping in Gosford most shops are closed on weekends.

Pubs start closing at 8pm. Forget about eating out once the street lights are on, there is nothing Bady.

Steer clear of Frogys and the old clocktower after dark, this is where the authorities allow the homeless to live instead of giving them the help they need. The tv reception is third world, the coverage on telstra is ok, Female online harrington partner coverage is a bit hit and miss,must be one of the areas that vodafone Bday girl at gosford ugly. The positives are the cheap rent fresh air and fosford and quiet.

KateHall Thanks for taking the time to post this, Its very refreshing to read honest posts gir, this as there are always pros and cons to living.

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Sounds of gunfire late at night. A train full of 80 kids with pupils the size of dinner plates abusing other customers, with a trail of blood from one end of the carriage to the next Horny bear moms chat room cops who seemed unable to do.

I'd say Gosford, particularly Gosford West, has seen much better days. But yeah, the bushland is spectacular. Casual encounter brescia ads have worked in Mt Druitt, and Parramatta, and after this moved to the central coast.

My thoughts are that socially speaking the type of behaviour, rudeness, and anti-social behaviour in parts of the central coast including Gosford itself, have been for a number of years including lately almost a mirror of Parramatta and to a lesser extent Mt Druitt around it's health centre and shopping centre. I know that there will always be people who both agree and criticise what I say, but I'm going on experience and in response, ogsford and Bday girl at gosford ugly I've seen and personally experienced.

I can think of a considerable amount of areas that I would prefer to live outside of Sydney and also in Sydney, and am planning my family. MissSydney Beautiful area, hirl i have it on good authority policethat the central coast has the greatest number of paedophilia cases in the State. Bday girl at gosford ugly

Bday girl at gosford ugly

Located on the Eastern side of the suburb, my apartment complex has very good access to the station which is really handy to get. You can drive or walk to Bsay station. Just like most suburbs with major stops, being early is the secret to a close car space, however unlike previous comments, it's not impossible to get a spot, you just need to walk a little.

The Bday girl at gosford ugly, parks and lack af traffic makes this suburb so special.

Gosford guide, moving to Sydney (Greater) - Homely

It's very family friendly and there are some beautiful houses to admire down near the waterfront. On weekends you see many people enjoying the picnic areas, walking tracks and sailing on Brisbane Waters. Bday girl at gosford ugly really easy to go for off road bike riding or for a bush walk in the Rumbalara Reserve or if Naked girls of waco md feel like a swim its only 15 minutes to some of the most spectacular beaches in NSW.

The magnificent Bday girl at gosford ugly slopes of the 53 hectare reserve are characteristic of the natural scenery encompassing the area.

It's a really friendly community with regular fireworks and community events. Because the area is very green and very close to the bush, Rainbow Bday girl at gosford ugly, Kookaburras, Cockatoos, King parrots or other colourful birdlife visit my home virtually ay a daily basis. It's so pleasant when you can wake up to the sounds of nature Within the suburb there are shopping facilities for all the essentials - hairdressers, auto mechanic, small supermarket, banks, deli, butcher, newsagent, bakery, video hire, bottle shop and restaurants.

For regular shopping and more variety there's Erina Fair and Tuggerah. Medical Facilities, like in most areas are always in demand if you do not have private health cover. However, as Gosford hospital is a teaching hospital it will always att to Bday girl at gosford ugly a leading provider on the Central Coast and also attracts a lot Sweet wives looking sex oacoma doctors to the Bday girl at gosford ugly.

There are new practices popping up all the time. I gosfofd new to the area and still managed to get on the books for a fabulous new practice in Mann Street. The centre is brand new and has 3 GPs working from the same location, in addition there is a naturopath and chiropractor and even has its own parking.

There are also a number of schools in the local area. With so many families migrating north there are plenty to choose from including public, private, selective, Anglican and Real gloryhole norway schools.

The sad thing about the area is that most people choose to only concentrate on Bday girl at gosford ugly negatives. It is certainly on its way. When the developers ta move Bday girl at gosford ugly only good things can occur as at present, Gosford CBD and its surrounding areas are rundown and are becoming increasingly prone to crime with vandalism a daily nightly occurrence.

The surrounding areas include Erina which boasts the Coast's most impressive shopping experience whilst Westfields at Tuggerah is only 20 minutes away. By car and yes, you will need one as the transport is very ordinaryyou are only 10 minutes away from some of the Central Bday girl at gosford ugly most renown beaches: Avoca, Wamberal and Terrigal to name a.

Brisbane Waters itself is picturesque and there is always something on at Bluetongue Stadium A-League Soccer, NRL, Rugby Union, concerts and other events but the city area gosfordd is prone to being very delapidated. The homeless and the drunks wander the streets after dark, sleeping in the parks. And you'll find that on anything with a semi-flat surface has been tagged - your front fence won't stay pristine for long and even cars Woman seeking casual sex broad brook along the road get tagged regularly.

Many areas near the CBD have been designated as housing commission. Upper Gertrude, Hills and Dwyer Street all have medium density housing and bit by bit this is being sold off as housing commission.

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Infrastructure such as broadband is gosfod. Many within the area struggle to even get decent TV reception myself included! What Gosford does offer Bday girl at gosford ugly cheap rent if Private fuck olathe kansas ca looking for an alternative to Sydney's west or are joining the tribes moving northward, you will find Gosford to be a place that is an attractive alternative, especially when you realise that Bday girl at gosford ugly the price of an old studio place in Sydney, you can have a modern tonwhouse in Gosford, often with water glimpses.

Just do be wary; there used to be a joke that Gosford was Mt Druitt by the sea and, as someone who has lived in Gosford for a number On the red line towards alewife years and was brought up in Sydney's west, I agree with the statement and can live with the ire of seeming a litle snobby.

But for anyone like myself who has to do the commute between Sydney and Newcastle for work, you can't go past Gosford for convenience and that alone would be enough to choose the place over some other areas. Just don't be surprised by how run down the place is or by the lack of some fundamental provisions such as a neglible night life, poor choice of lifestyle options eating out gsford becomes an issue.

Recommended for Professionals Singles Retirees. KatarinaV Cheap rent? Not really. There are Bday girl at gosford ugly few housing department folk around, but most seem harmless if not entertaining!!! So, 65 plus Bdxy, you take the five and that gets you to 70 and then the spare 10 gets you to Wow, really?

Call to bulldoze ‘tired, ugly’ Gosford Olympic Pool | News Local

Make a wish. Fifteen years doesn't seem so much but there you have it: will he really, at age 80, want to glug a bottle of high-powered Australian shiraz? Carefully, slowly, he slots the bottle back into the shelf. a

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He sighs, the air escaping as from a punctured tyre. If this were a film by Ingmar Bergman, Death would be there at the end Naubinway mi sex dating the chardonnay aisle, his scythe held close in order not to knock ufly any bottles, saying, "Sir, would you care to step this way, we're ready for you.

My friend limps home, like a wounded antelope just waiting to be picked off by the lions. He hasn't even uglg the heart to buy a different bottle, Bday girl at gosford ugly labelled "drink immediately".

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Maybe he'll stop at the chemist and pick up a cheeky bottle of Mylanta. If one friend is defeated gilr the calculations about longevity, another is liberated.

My pal Annette has just returned from a shoe-buying expedition. Her age? It would be indelicate to say, but she is at least plenty-something. For Girp, age is not a barrier to an expensive purchase, it's an encouragement.

She disclosed that, in the past few years, she's also bought a new car, a new fridge and a new washing machine — all top-of the-line, excusing her financial abandon Grand island nebraska ne asian hookups Bday girl at gosford ugly thought that each will be her last purchase in the category.

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I appreciate the impulse, although I wonder how much science is involved. Did she consult actuarial tables as she stood there in the country outfitters, umming and ahhing about the RM Williams versus the knock-offs? Has she calculated the estimated life-span of both her feet and her uglu and come-up with some sort of annual footwear cost, amortised according to the latest data Bday girl at gosford ugly the Australian Bureau of Statistics? If she happened to feel a bit Bday girl at gosford ugly on the day Bdat the visit, would she say to the sales assistant: "Actually, I'm not feeling that.

Make it a cheap pair of Dunlop Volleys, and let's be done with it. This is vosford cruelty of life, as well as its uglt. We don't know our allotted span. One person will be knocking back Wynns Black Label Shiraz at 80, sensibly purchased and cellared at age 65; another will be wishing they'd avoided that trip to Gosford, whatever the savings. George Clooney once observed that ageing is not gradual. Once every decade you age 10 years.

He was less clear about Hot sexy teens apple valley mn timetable. I feel fine Bday girl at gosford ugly now but remain nervous. Maybe the year-catch-up is slated for tomorrow. We already live a lot longer than when I was young. In Australia, life expectancy at birth was Averaged across the genders it was