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Seeking Man Looking for a good girl with a bad streak

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Looking for a good girl with a bad streak

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As you go out to talk to Looking for a good girl with a bad streak, you will come into hot streaks… and stumble into cold ones. This article is about why that happens.

I have on multiple occasions written about momentum as it relates to seduction. In fact, I will explore how there is an equilibrium effect at work that balances things. Momentum is the overall Sexy blankenberge girl of mind in which you find yourself during a period of time that snowballs and affects your results moving forward.

Positive momentum denotes a good state of mind, which in turn, results in a sexier vibe. You get onto a hot streak. Negative momentum, however, generates a negative state of mind, giving you an unsexy vibe.

You slide into a cold streak.

Looking for a good girl with a bad streak

Looking for a good girl with a bad streak can snowball in a positive or Looking for that sugerbaby negative direction. For instance, if you approach three girls and they all seem receptive to you, positive momentum is created and your vibe becomes sexier and more attractive.

If you get rejected harshly three times in a row, the momentum works the opposite way. The example above is a witth of what I have referred to as micro momentum. Macro momentum, on the other hand, takes into account Looing bigger picture — the overall momentum over a longer period of time. For instance, some of you may have noticed how summer holidays tend to be more wild.

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You may rack up lays during the summer, feeling like a true god of seduction. Things may even start to seem too easy and straight forward.

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And you feel this way until you experience some disruption in macro momentum. You then develop a case of negative macro momentum. I have written extensively about both micro and macro momentum — about what they are, their underlying mechanisms, and how to control. Here I will address how you may experience a negative shift after periods of positive momentum. Having a few good nights with successful pulls will usually propel you into a very positive space, but these times have been known to end Looking for a good girl with a bad streak a negative drop.

What causes this post-high drop will be our focus today. Perhaps this summer you were out hitting clubs nonstop, getting laid with hot girls Cofield nc milf personals really having a blast.

Eventually, it falls apart, and sometimes the crash can really hurt. This sucks big time. I know for a fact that many upcoming seducers really have a hard time when they experience.

I even experience some occasional drops. Everyone does.

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The difference is how big a deal you make out of it. There are a few things, however, that have changed for me over the years as I have grown better Looking for a good girl with a bad streak better at seduction:.

When I reach low momentum, the success goes down sometimes way down but never reaches the cold streak lows I had as an intermediate or beginner.

The periods of low momentum are shorter, unless there is something associated with the drop that drags it on longer focusing on other things like exams. The bottom line Looking for a good girl with a bad streak this: becoming better at seduction is worth it. Get over it. The weather matters; there is a reason why people get laid much less during the winter personally, I find the early autumn to be the absolute best.

The weather affects us on a hormonal levelwhich can have implications on our mood and sex drive. So our sex drive fluctuates with the seasons. Being horny and having a strong sex drive is useful not only to motivate us to get after that ass, it also affects our vibe.

Our mental states affect our sub communication on a deep level. In regards to vibe, there are many things that are sub communicated that are beyond the reach of conscious control. This form of sub communication therefore needs to be triggered subconsciously. If you feel happy or horny, it will affect North dakota girls casual sex sub communication.

Looking for a good girl with a bad streak Searching Sex Dating

As a result, girls will also be affected as you communicate with. Sub communication is still a form of communication that affects both parties on a deep level. Despite you not being consciously aware of what you communicate, her subconscious will pick up on it. If you sub communicate sexual intent as a Looking for a good girl with a bad streak of your sexual stateher subconscious will pick up on. The same goes for any mental state you Craigslist in milwaukee wi yourself in.

Now, if the weather changes, so will your state. We are affected by the weather. If our mental states affect our Casual affairs casual affairs communication to women, we can know that a negative state will have an impact on our seductions.

When you are not as horny or energetic as in the winter it will dampen her enthusiasm. In fact, they may even be more affected than men. This is why women are all happy, horny, and slutty during the summer compared to winter. What does this mean? Well, it is quite simple, actually; it means you will get less for free and you will have to work harder to get the same results.

Simple as it sounds, it is real. Another potential pitfall here is that the more often you get laid, the higher your odds of having some drama between you and a girl. Also, your odds of meeting psychos and damaged goods increases.

When shit happens, it can q up your state and shift the curve and direction of your momentum, usually downward, into a cold streak.

We are all different and we respond differently to different events. Some of us may be highly affected by some minor garbage, causing a total lapse in momentum, while others are more Free sex chat rooms aid salt and pepper hair friday. I have been doing this for 10 years now, and I have yet to experience anything I Lookign classify as seriously negative.

Loking had a pregnancy scare with an ex-girlfriend of mine and one HIV scare note that I am a bit of a hypochondriac. Besides this, nothing overly traumatic. Speaking of which, I have written a post on how to safely Menace beach hot pink delorean night girls and avoid the worst consequences. Particularly, when you have a period of REALLY good days in our case, days filled with beautiful womena less-than-optimal day is bound to come along and kick your ass.

As with professional athletes, winning streaks always come Lookin an end. Periods filled with success will naturally be followed by drops in state. This is Lookiing part where the equilibrium really kicks in. Guy 1 is more likely to be very happy about getting laid than Guy 3, as each girl will mean more to. For Guy 1, the experience is rare, so it will generate a huge bump in his overall happiness gilr. What eventually happens as you improve is that you raise baf bar for feeling satisfied by your lay count.

By this, it follows that in order to feel awesome, you will either have to get tons of lays since each lay now feels less fulfilling or have some really crazy Hot casual sex sunol california. The bar is set higher, and the higher the bar, the bigger the pitfalls. Guy 2 would move on, still hoping something would have happened. Guy 3, however, will truly fall.

Again, with his bar set so high, the fall really hurts, sometimes enough to completely sap his positive momentum and create a downward spiral toward negative momentum. This is scary stuff. Sometimes it takes nights like that to really shake you yirl kilter and change the direction of the curve.

Remember that momentum has a tendency to snowball. If you Looking for a good girl with a bad streak periods of positive momentum, they will Looking for a good girl with a bad streak likely snowball into more and more positive momentum. However, crummy nights will happen, and at some level, the equilibrium kicks in. When it comes down to negative macro momentum, just like with positive bac, Looking for a good girl with a bad streak can snowball.

Another interesting factor worth Loking here is that during periods of positive momentum, racking up lays becomes exciting only to a certain extent. The good news is that the weather will sooner or later become better. I noted that weather can swap you from positive momentum into negative, but it also goes the other way. After a long winter comes the summer, and you may experience a Looking for a good girl with a bad streak change.

With any of the factors covered here, gitl opposite also holds true. This post may sound a bit pessimistic — and I am truly sorry for. But East stroudsburg pink blonde hair at need to understand these things because they tend to worry whenever they hit a dry spell. Shit happens, but amazing things happen.

Looking for a good girl with a bad streak I Am Search Couples

Well, there you go, Find cabool curve is now taking a positive turn and the tide may change. Fro just takes one good experience to reverse a sea of bad momentum.

Periods of low momentum will also affect your level of happiness.

However, whenever I have low momentum, these memories bring major nostalgia and tons of happiness. As a result of low momentum, I become happier with. A single decent-looking girl can actually make my week.

And when the curve goes up and the momentum becomes positive, the odds of me getting to sleep with very beautiful women only increases.