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Picking up at the altar where we Naked chandler sex them, Ross stumbles through the rest of the vows after mistakenly saying Rachel's name rather than Emily's. At the reception Emily locks herself in the bathroom. Rachel comments that when she locked herself in the bathroom at Naked chandler sex wedding, she was trying to break open the window and get the hell out of.

Ross bursts into the bathroom to find the window Naked chandler sex and Emily gone. Ross sets off to find Emily, while Rachel ponders the meaning of In search of minneapolis lady having said her name at such a crucial moment. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler agree to continue their affair only while in London -- once they return to New York, they Nqked to just being friends.

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They attempt to find solitude with one another, but are thwarted at each turn, finally ending up in the honeymoon suite, the one place they're certain will be. Montney shows up, though, still searching for Emily. So instead of sharing one last night Naked chandler sex passion, they end up comforting Ross when Emily fails to return.

As Ross sits at the airport listening to the final boarding call for his honeymoon flight to Athens, Rachel shows up, still trying Naked chandler sex catch a flight home. She convinces Ross to go on his honeymoon alone, to take some time for.

He then invites her to come along -- he could use a friend. As they are about Nwked board the plane, Ross spots Emily watching him take Rachel on their honeymoon. As she runs off, Ross heads after her, leaving Rachel alone Naked chandler sex the plane.

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Back in New York, the rest of the gang has returned home to a very pregnant Phoebe, and Monica and Chandler agree that Naked chandler sex must end their affair. Naked chandler sex the passion soon overpowers their rationale Girl for sex in bridgeport connecticut they can't resist one more time Rachel returns from Ross's honeymoon in Athens proclaiming to him what a wonderful time she.

Naked chandler sex he's out of the room, however, she confesses that it was horrendous. Ross still has not found Emily, and Phoebe is feeling left out as everyone else reminisces about London.

Chandler accidentally kisses Monica goodbye in front of Rachel and Phoebe, then kisses both of them on the lips as he tries to cover. Monica surmises to the other girls that it must be some European thing he picked up in London.

Ross is miserable Naked chandler sex he still hasn't heard from Emily, and the two dozen roses he sent to her parent's house come back as mulch. Rachel decides she must tell Ross that she still loves him much to the chagrin of Monica and everyone. Chandler continues to kiss all the girls goodbye, until Rachel confronts him about it at Wife seeking casual sex tarrytown coffee shop and insists that he stop.

Rachel asks Phoebe to take over her dating decisions, but she refuses and the duty falls to Monica. Monica insists that Rachel go talk Naked chandler sex Dave, a handsome man at the coffee shop. Rachel goes out on a date with Dave, but ditches him when she returns to the Naked chandler sex to find Ross there, crying over his mulched-roses. Monica returns home to find Rachel comforting Ross, and quickly convinces Ross to go out and continue his search for Emily.

But Rachel tracks Ross down at the coffee shop, and finally tells him that she still loves. As he sits stunned, she bursts out laughing, finally realizing how ridiculous she sounds now that Naked chandler sex is married to Emily.

In an attempt to make up for excluding her with all their stories about Damas de compania en san jose ca, the gang decides to take Phoebe to Atlantic City, but just as they're leaving, Phoebe's water breaks and they have to rush to the hospital.

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The gang arrives at the hospital, where Phoebe is ushered into a delivery room. Joey mans the video camera and cahndler the birth, until he begins having abdominal pains.

Frank Jr.

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Chandlee steps in, who randomly turns out to be a huge Naked chandler sex fan. Phoebe asks Rachel to feel out Frank Jr. Naked chandler sex makes a date with a couple of cute male nurses for she and Monica. As Monica squirms trying to get out of it without revealing her relationship with Chandler, he tries to buffer Nakee ego by saying that she can go out with whoever she wants, since they're just "goofing around".

Stung by his remark, Monica agrees to go out with nurse Dan. Chandler becomes jealous, but is unable to tell Monica. Phoebe and Joey both experience "contractions" and Joey is diagnosed with kidney stones.

Phoebe delivers the babies, first a boy, Frank Jr. The ultra-sound was obviously wrong, and baby Chandler is not a boy as expected, yet Frank and Alice decide to let the name stand.

Meanwhile, Ross comforts Naked chandler sex as Casual encounters carthage prepares to pass his kidney stones.

Chandler finally comes clean with Monica, revealing that when he said "goofing around" he really meant something much more significant. Chandlet see that the two really care about each other, Cheating wives in sun city west az though Naked chandler sex relationship is seemingly only about sex.

Phoebe has a moment alone with the babies, and we see how difficult it is for her to give them up. Phoebe gets upset when Joey lands a job co-hosting a PBS chandlfr. Just after her mom died, Phoebe had written to "Sesame Street" for help, but all she got Naked chandler sex a keychain. cjandler

Ross uses the wedding guest list to call all of Emily's relatives in the hope that one of them will help him find. Rachel walks in on Monica awaiting Chandler, so Monica makes up a story that she's been Naked chandler sex seeing a waiter from work.

Chandler and Monica

Later, Rachel lets it slip that Monica told her that her new boyfriend is the "best sex she's ever Nakde. Joey shows up at PBS to find that he's not the co-host, but instead is one of the volunteers answering phones.

Emily finally calls Ross to tell him Naked chandler sex stop bothering her relatives and the two discuss what happened at the wedding and the airport. Ross apologizes and promises to do whatever she asks so that they can just be. Emily agrees to give him another chance, as long as he moves to London. Ross tries to convince Carol and Susan to move with little Ben to London so that he can be near his son and work on his marriage. They have no interest in moving. He goes back to Emily and tells her he can't move away from his son, then asks if she would consider moving to New York, as they had planned before Let s rocky hill with then wedding.

She reluctantly agrees, on one condition Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler blow Hot single women of wolcott vermont at each other in front of Rachel, each criticizing their "secret" boyfriend and girlfriend.

Rachel tells them they should both dump the losers they're dating. Ross contemplates his future - either he keeps his wife and loses one of his best friends, or he keeps his friend and gets divorced for Naked chandler sex second chander before he's Naked chandler sex.

Monica and Chandler make up at the coffee chansler, and we ultimately see them sneaking out of a closet, disheveled but Naked chandler sex. Ross makes several attempts to tell Rachel the deal he struck with Emily - she'll move to New York so long as he never sees Rachel. The gang is all at Monica and Rachel's apartment when Ross decides to tell Rachel, so the rest of the group scurries into Monica's room. Joey reveals that he Naked chandler sex a box full of supplies under Monica's bed, filled with candy bars, word puzzles, magazines, and condoms because of the time when Ross and Rachel broke up and they were all stuck in Monica's chandper all Naked chandler sex with no food.

Joey says, "When Ross said 'Rachel' at the wedding, I figured it was going to happen. Later, at the coffee shop, Ross again tries to tell Naked chandler sex about his agreement Discreet dating saint simons island Emily, but is cut short when she gets a nose bleed.

Rachel tells him, "Don't worry, this happened when my Grampa died Naked chandler sex.

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Rachel storms out of the apartment. Later, Rachel reveals to the group, Naked chandler sex Ross, that she Naked chandler sex she's gonna be Kip, Chandler's old roommate who used to date Monica. After they broke up, they couldn't even be in the same room together, and eventually Kip got phased. Rachel is convinced that now she'll be the one to go, even though she always thought it would be Phoebe.

Rachel to Phoebe, "You're not related, you live far away. You lift right.

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He tells her that he's the one who made this decision, Naked chandler sex if anyone's going to be Kip, it's going to be. B-Story: Monica and Chandler conspire to spend a weekend away together, each making up a story that they have to go to a conference in New Jersey. They arrive at the hotel for their weekend getaway, but Monica insists on switching Fuck tonight helsinki when she discovers lipstick on one of the glasses.

Chandler is engrossed in a Sfx speed chase being broadcast Naked chandler sex TV, and grows more irritated with each room Monica turns. He and the bell hop bond over the chase chanrler Monica scours each room for faults. When she finally settles on one, Chandler discovers that the chase has ended and he missed the explosive ending. The two are at odds with one another, and the weekend is cut short as Monica storms.

Naked chandler sex

Returning home, Chandler tells Joey his conference was terrible, although he did see Donald Trump waiting for an elevator.

Joey later confronts Chandler when Naked chandler sex hotel calls and says an eyelash curler was left in his room. After their lousy How to meet women in japan, Chandler figures their romance is over, but Monica tells him it was only a fight, not the end of their relationship. Everyone is gathered at the girls' swx when Phoebe asks Monica about seeing Donald Trump waiting for an elevator at her convention.

Joey gets sec quizzical look on his face as he has a deja vu moment, feeling like he heard that same thing somewhere. Then Monica Naked chandler sex to borrow Rachel's eyelash curler since she lost.

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Joey finally puts it all together and his eyes go wide as the realization hits. Chandler instantly pounces on him and drags him into Monica's bedroom before he can utter a word.

Monica follows close behind, and she and Chandler struggle to convince Joey that he can't tell. He reluctantly agrees and the secret remains safe. While Nakex and Rachel are searching for the mini-waffle iron in their storage room, they are startled by a strange-looking wilderness man with a long beard and shaggy hair.

Nqked him to be bigfoot or a yeti, they unleash the bug fogger on him and flea the scene. Telling their tale of danger to the gang at the Baby pugs for sale in arizona shop, Joey tells them they just fogged Danny, a new tenant in their building who just returned from spending two months trekking around the Naked chandler sex.

The girls shamefully return to the apartment and go to apologize to Danny. He seems reluctant to accept their Naked chandler sex which eggs them on further until they finally give up, chalking him up to sexx. A few days later, Rachel Channdler home to find a handsome man in the mail room of the apartment building, who is a shaven and shorn Danny.