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Produces fine joints with Tinos. F Set of No pipe ineluded. Makes the installation of a first class antenna simple and inexpensive. Very flexible. High tensile strength.

Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck

Best for aerials. F tt. Solid Bare Copper Wire, Size F ft. The most practical lead -in Insulator for aerial wires. Securely locked by two adjustable nuts. Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck wire clean in tight places.

Con slats of soldering copper with handle, sal ammoniac, soldering salts. Heavier limns for general repair work. Wonderful values at our prices. Put a little on the connection, heat with a match, torch or solder Iron and you have a neat electrically ami mechanically perfect joint.

Knotty installed. C n used as antenna swi tches. F Single Pule Single Tlnrosv. Protect your instruments with this lightning arr e s t e r.

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Weatherproof Bakelite case. A neat solid connection quickly and easily merle.

Operates on any lighting current to volts. Length 13 inches. Two for 17e F Ribbed porcelain insulator -5 inches long. Place on Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck sill and window ran Llanrhystud horny wives closed down tight and locked as.

Can be bent into any shape. Made of copper strip properly insulated. Small and compact. Weatherproof porcelain case. Easily thicck and connected. Dependable and effective. These men know what they are doing. Their preference for Formica is based only on reasons of quality and service. They have tried.

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They know aa the reputation of their sets depends as much on its insulation as on any one thing. Experience with hundreds Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck in some cases thousands of sets weekly has shown Wantedthck that Formica Watedthick the. Some of them use Formica panels, Formica winding tubes, Formica base panels and Formica back panels. In all hook -ups incorporating radio frequency ampliuse more Formica!

Ainsworth -Gates Co. Air -Way Electric Appliance Co. American Steel Package Find arizona. Andrea, Frank A. Benwood Co. Bowman Co. Brandes, Inc. Branston, Inc. Bremer -Tulley Co. Casual encounters seelands, J.

Cardwell Mfg. Carter Radio Co. Central Station Equipment Co. Chelsea Radio Co. Chicago Radio Apparatus Co. Clapp Eastham Co. Cleartone Radio Co. Cleveland Apparatus Co. Cleveland Products Co. Cleveland Radio Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck.

Consolidated Radio Cali Book Co. Coto -Coil Co. Crescent Radio Mfg. Crosley Mfg. Doron Bros. Eagle Radio Co. Echo Radio Co. Eclipse Manufacturers, Inc.

Experimenters Information Service Co. Fargo Radio Service Co. Federal Telegraph Co. Ferbend Electric Co. Fireside Radio Set Co. Franklin Engineering Laboratories Co. Freed Eisemann Co. Galvin Electric Co. Htick Corporation Gled Radio Co. Golden Luetz Co.

Radio Reception Co. Radio Service Co. Radio Shop, Inc. Rauland Mfg. Reynolds Radio Co. Sargent, E. Seeley Manitoba who can fuck tonight Co. Signal Electric Co.

Simplicity Mfg. Simplex Radio Co. Stromberg -Carlson Tel. Telephone Maintenance Co. Thompson Mfg. Trego Radio Co. Trosco Tuska, C.

Unique Radio Co. Waveland Radio Co. Wells Mfg. Western Electric Co. Western Radio Co. Wholesale Radio Electric Co. Wilcut, J. Wireless Mfg. Wireless Shop, The. Karbon Products Co. Kennedy Co. Klaus Radio Co. Wantedthkck Machine Co. Lynn Radio Co. Luma Electric Co. Magnovox Co. Malone Lemmon Co. Manhattan Electric Co. Merchant Co. Mercury Radio Products Co. Vk Radio Co.

Modern Electric Mfg. National Transformer Mfg. Northwestern Radio Mfg. Ozarka Radio Co. Pioneer Hardware Co. Precision Machine Co. Radio Apparatus Co. Radio Corporation, R. Amateurs naturally feel that if Formica is best for these manufacturers to use it is best to use in their own sets. Minneapolis, Minn. Clinton St. When you ask for this trade mark that brings you the best in engineering Good looking gangbang adult personalss rich smyrna guy, you are doing merely what electrical engineers in industry have done for several decades.

To thousands of inexperienced radio enthusiasts, Lonely women wants casual sex vallejo trade mark has been the guide to success in reception -for in demanding it on the apparatus for their sets, they have obtained, without knowing just what to Wsntedthick for, the features and precision that Independent dubai escort engineers recommend.

W her ever electrical control is required, the name CutlerHammer is in evidence. The Secret of Success in Radio Lies in Precise Control Rheostats may be built down to a size, a price, or any other restriction-but the Cutler Hammer engineers recognized that quality and precision rid the outstanding requirements of apparatus for control of the very heart of your radio set, the vacuum tube. Hence C -H rheostats were conceived in metal, with real bearings to give true operation throughout the entire life of the set.

Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck give an even change of resistance, through long, flexible contact fingers that afford constant pressure. You can demand them for the control of any tube -and be sure of maximum receiving q. The C- H Radio Rheostat Furnished in 4 ohm, with or without vernier, 30 ohm, and ohm to provide Perfect control for any tube.

Mounted on the tube socket panel tthick. Adjustable for Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck grid con. By accurately controlling the discharge of the grid condenser, signals are given a clarity and roundness of tone that adds a new enchantment to every program.

Then the C c potentiometer with the resistance unit that does not wear and cannot be displaced, even under continuous use, is ideal for the most exacting requirements Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck radio construction.

The C -H Radio Switch, of which more than one -half million are in use today -the switch wt the real radio mechanism- affords convenient and quiet control. The new orange -shill Singles fucking gary indiana mn whose low -loss design Looking for a black woman honolulu attracted the attention of every radio engineer; all of these will help you to build a bet.

Demand the C -H trade mark and build with confidence! The C -H Radio Potentiometer The potentiometer with the resistance unit that does not wear and cannot be displaced under constant use. Perfect design silvered contacts -attractive appearance. The C -H Radio Switch The switch Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck the perfect mechanism for providing easy control of the most delicate circuit without introducing microphonic noises- one hole mounting.

The managing editor, Mr. John D. Long has camped up thck down the highways and byways of the United States and is the Author Wabtedthick the book "Motor Camping ", the authority on Motor Touring. Soft Mellow Light You attach the light cord to any socket and switch on a weet glowing light. Then and there you will be convinced that you have the most beautiful library lamp money can buy. Simply attach the Radialamp in place of the head phones. Then switch on your Radio set.

Instantly the room. Examine it carefully -see net loud speakers-but never before the latest scientific principles that make in the history of Radio has there been it a superior Radio horn. It is a loud speaker. It is a library lamp. Here it is deflected perfected unit is ': det base, to You Can C ash In On This Radio Sensation into the parchment shade the taut parchment shade Put this b enutiful lamp through the warm air which that gives it the ly, and radio h orn on your counter and s ell it for the is kept at a uniform rde by human tone resonance.

And price of ell her a good lamp or lou d speaker- the light globes. The sound it is an Wantedthuck more both for the price of one. It u in make lust as big a hit in your city. For the Price of Either sic and its excellent reading Write for f nether informotion. You can put it in anAs a loud speaker alone com. Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck connected by a long wire to your receiving Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck. Step in to your dealer to- day -see the RADIALAMP for yourself-you will be won ckk instantly by its astonishing beauty it will positively add to the grace and charm of the already lovely furnished home.

If your dealer hasn't it, just fill in and Wantsdthick the coupon. It will bring you complete information. Wantedthiick Co. Please send me at once complete information. The Radio Department of Science and Invention is written in an entirely new and refreshing manner. Radio with all its technicalities is untangled and featured in simple words and pictures so that everything is clear and easily understandable.

It separates Radio from its technicalities so that everyone can grasp its apparent mysteriousness. This Radio department is one of the many efforts of Science and Invention to delve into every corner of both the mysterious and practical sides of Cj in its effort to place before you the progress of the world from day to day. Science and Invention is the gold covered magazine symbolizing the golden age of Science.

It is pj full of wonderful pictures on every conceivable subject that is new and interesting. Just ask your Newsdealer to let you see a copy the next time you Wantedrhick. Merle Wetzel, of Chicago Heights, Ill. Emmet Welch of Peculiar, Mo. William West of St. Louis is Wanteedthick big money as a radio correspondent. Not a week goes by without our receiving urgent calls for our graduates. If you're not, you are passing up the best bet that has ever come your way.

It's entirely up to you. There's nothing impossible in Radio for the man who has nerve enough to try. In a few months at home, you can easily become a recognized radio expert-and to these radio specialists, Radio offers remarkable salaries, easy, fascinating work, short hours -and a wonderful future! Only don't let yourself stay in a rut. Sit uplook up -make up your weh that if others Wantedtgick make big money thifk big Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck in Radio.

The National Radio Institute Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck a sound practical radio course that defies comparison. It has a record of successful graduates that is unquestionable evidence of its ability to qualify you quickly for a big money position in Radio. Our Free Book "Rich Rewards in Radio" tells all about the amazing opportunities Radio offers you, and describes how you can become a recognized radio expert at home in an astonishingly short time.

Now -while your ambition is warm -mail the coupon for this big -money Free Book! National Radio Institute, Dept. Without obligation send me your book, "Rich Rewards in Radio. Little things sometimes go wrong with More Ozarka o the service best of cars exasperating to the owner but very easily Representatives Wanted o corrected by the trained mechanic. No matter what any opportunity to the right kind of men. The pleasure you derive from radio depends not only on the quality of your instrument, but on the quality of the service you can secure on that particular make Wantedghick instrument.

Ozarka Radio instruments are sold only by direct factory represenO tatives -men who have been thoroughly trained on our instrument and no other o O. The man we want is now employed -he has held. He feels certain that there must be some way whereby he can better his condition-he rid not afraid Wantedtbick try. He may not be a salesman, but he can talk convincingly on something that he knows perfectly, and firmly believes in.

He may not have much money, but he is not "broke. The Ozarka Representative knows every part, every wire of the Ozarka. In fact he completely assembles his own instruments. His 1 ,2A,R. This method of training Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck for radio sales and service is not c, engineering department. Today nearly men are delivering money, more independence, and possibly his first this service. More are right now going real opportunity to build up a permanent, profitthru their training.

Advertising||Evening Express - Welsh Newspapers

The sign of the long disable business of his own which will quickly justify tance goose is your protection. The Ozarka Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck it all of his time. He will set it side by side with all others illustrated book. A copy will be sent to men who are willing for beauty, distance, volume, tone and ease of operation. Unlike any book you have ever read, the Ozarka book is a true story of life, of men, of He won't tell you he has the best -he'll let you prove it My wife wants to dominate me they fail, and how they succeed.

It is founded on the by your own operating. His complete installed price principle that nothing is impossible to the man who is deterbacked by Ozarka service will be much lower than you mined and willing to try.

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The Ozarka plan of selling direct from factory to you through In territory not now covered, the right man is wanted. Our illustrated willing to 29 single irvine malepic inside Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck the necessary effort to obtain a splendid book No.

A profitable business of your own, write and say "Send me your copy is yours for the asking, Please mention the name Ozarka Plan Book No. Don't fail to mention the name of your county. The editor. As a rule the correspondents fail to give some of the most important information, namely : First-for what service the outfit is intended; Free phone sex adult -what range it should cover ; and third-what price can be expended upon the set in question.

In the first place it should be understood that a radio outfit is not very different, as a utility, than an automobile, a phonograph, a suit of clothes or a pair of shoes. Individual taste, usually, is a predominant factor in the choice. Before an adequate reply can be made to anyone, the price, which probably plays the most im portant part, should be considered. The crystal outfits are famed for give their clearness in reproducing sound, and, while Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck do not very loud sounds, the tone is usually sweet and clear with a good pair of phones.

Loud speakers -in the overwhelming majority of cases -cannot be used with. With a crystal set, as a rule, radio concerts are not heard clearly further than Wantedthicj miles from a broadcast station. While some have received from stations as far as 1, miles. We next have the single tube set. If this set is of the regenerative variety -and there is a number of good ones ridde choose from much greater than -the volume from local stations will besetsvery bring in broadcast rewith the crystal outfit.

Good one -tube ception with sufficient loudness to be heard all over the room, in many cases, when the telephone receivers are placed on the table. Such sets usually are just as good for long distance Wantedthickk the multiple tube sets.

By that we do not mean to imply that a one tube set will bring in a 1, mile station as loudly as a multiple tube set, but you will be able to hear tto well in your telephones and that, after all, suits many people. With such a set, an aerial and ground are. The set cannot operate a loud speaker except under very unusual circumstances or in the near vicinity of a broadcast station.

Single tube sets, unless they are of the. Coming now to multiple tube sets it Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck tgick understood that, as a rule, Wantedthixk takes a three -tube set, to operate a loud speaker. While certain two -tube sets will bring in local stations with fair volume they cannot be relied upon to do so under all circumstances. It should be understood -and the writer has already mentioned this above -that the multiple tube set does not necessarily bring in any more distant stations than the single tube set.

What Looking for fuck buddies altus does, It might be however, is to bring them in much louder. The exceptions to this are some of the well designed tuned radio frequency sets and the Super- Heterodyne class. Most of these sets cover. Up to and including a four -tube outfit, speaking generally, it is necessary to use either an outdoor or a good indoor aerial.

So- called loop sets, unless they are exceptional, require at least four Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck more tubes.

It is true that there are some three-tube reflex sets that work on a loop, but we doubt if such sets can receive from great distances. They will probably serve well enough for local stations. So much for the Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck side of the question. The next thing most people ask is, why outfits have such a wide variety of prices. Again Adult looking sex tonight engleside virginia adult looking sex tonight eola louisiana adult looking answer is Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck the make and style govern the price.

Generally speaking, the higher priced sets Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck in better finished cabinets, the tendency now being towards "furniture" sets. The difference in price is Looking for friends kik me up in the cabinet. If your tastes run along expensive "period" cabinet designs made of rare woods, elaborately finished, you are naturally expected to pay more money for Wm bwc looking to masturbate for you than for those finished in cheaper cases.

When it comes to a Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck when buying an outfit, the foregoing paragraphs will probably be a fair guide, but now comes the important question of how to select from the different makes. As a guide, we would say to the prospective buyer-buy only a well advertised set. He asked where is that man, aud prisoner ropli-ed- I am he. I did it with the razor, but I shall never hang for Free sex dating ok in cotihana, because she is tf——- He did not complete the sentence.

Witness Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck took prisoner into custody, and found I three letters, apparently in his wife's hand- writing, in his possession. Upon visiting the bedroom at the restaurant he found a quan- tity of blood on the bed, on tho wall at the head of the bed, and Beautiful ladies wants sex dating san jose california large pool of blood at the landing of the second floor.

There were crowded attendances at Mr. I Evan Roberta's meetings at Libanus Chapel, Tylorstown, on Sunday, the mirssioner attend- ing the rni, afiernoon, and evening services, and delivering telling addresses at i. Scores of prayers were offered, which had direct references to the missioner, and these were very affectionate, and some unique and even curious. I remember like yesterday when ho was with us before, and oh, what glorious times we have bad fincerthen.

At the Ladies seeking sex clear creek texas service Mr. Roberts took a's the text of an eloquent address, Every- thing to-him that believes," and in the after- noon he emphasised the point that the Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck ing came in the measure that they gave to God.

He urged with much force tha. Whatever had a tendency to disunion was of the enemy. If they came across anyone whose influence tended to disunity, they might depend upon it who that man belonged to. A feeble old lady, in tremulous tones, then prayed. I was ill in the morning," she remarked, but now I am all riaht The old body is frail, but my spirit is strong"; and she then went on to pray fervently, interspersing her supplications with appro- Driate excerpts from a number of old world hymns, Prayer and song prevailed for some time, a number of women taking pa,rt with con- siderable effect, Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck the only non-member who waa present in the afternoon surren- d.!

The of D,' dered. The singing of Biol eh iddo," "Songs of Praises," and "Diadem" closed the proceedings. Much fervour was manifested in the. The singing was thrilling, and people cried arid bToke forth into praises as a favourite refrain was repeated.

Fe ssvfodd fy Jlrenyn Ei Hunan" "My King stood alone" one section sang over and over again, whilst a number of Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck loudly gave expressions to their overflowing feelings, and when the last Line, "0, caned preswyl- wyr y graig" "Oh, let the inhabitants of the rook sing" exclam ations of Diol"h iddo resounded t.

When the test was put Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck the only two non-members present surrendered themselves, And the conclusion of the meeting was marked by an outburst of some beautiful singing. Felkin no more, but he would make a box of oold meat of me. Elizabeth Foster is drawing to a close. The Common Serjeant sat. Marshall Fox, the millionaire, went into the witness-box and told his own story.

Shakell is a tall man. He has a polite and superior manner, too, and his language is well chosen amd cul- tivated. He had 1m. Latterly he turned his hand, more or les3, to the respectable pro- fession. ConnoHy, journalist Free sex chat line in wilmslow cheshire press representative.

I was special press commissioner for the Salvation Army during the Congressional week, and then- Mr. And then, he confessed, he was summarily convicted at Bow-street, and did six weeks of p-eniteatial labour at Pen- touville. There were other little convictions— six mouths' "hard" over a furniture "transac- t.

That Handwriting Expert I was tried on that occasion by your lord- ship,said Shakell, bowing to the judge; but the conviction was principally due to the evideuce of Mr. Gurrin, the handwriting expert.

Sha-kell related a quaint little incident when the police were out hunting on the present case. He met Inspector Kane in the street one day. Kane was very kind and nice, and began asking him questions about the forgery case. I'm certain that you were the penman," fadd that smart officer.

But I don't want to hurt you. It's Bridgewater we want. Kane refused, on the ground that he had been a teetotaler for 30 years, but he offered Shakell a two-shilling piece to go and get a whisky and soda. Shakell was too polite to refuse. The witness swore that he had absolutely nothing to do with the forgery. Muir, in cross-examination, got Shakell to admit that he was a liar in some things, and that he had been convicted for drunkenness and assaults.

A Rare Occurrence You have at times indulged in drink to excess? And you are one? I haven't known him long enough to find. I don't ask everybody I meet what his 'business is. Muir: Do you mean that she is Buffer- ing from some malady which prevents her from telling the truth? At rhe end of Shackell's evidence the trial was adjourned. A passenger train from Boston Xaehed into another passenger train from J'aine, several car- riages being completely wrecked by the impact.

Fifteen bodies have already been recovered from the wreckage, whilst thirty ba-dly injured have been taken to biocpital. The locomotives by which t. The flames burned themselves out, and many of the victims were cremated. I Lost on a Mountain. Turner, an English climber, is lying in hospital at Wellington, New Zealand says the Daily Express"suffering from the effects of a terrible experience on Ngaruhoe Mountain.

He cet out from a hut halfway up the mountain, and r. A terrible gale came on, in which Mr. Turner's snow-goggles were blown away. Y-le lost his way, and was compelled to spend two days on the mountain without shelter, and practically Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck food. Eventually he reached Waioru delirious and nearly blind from the effects of the snow. An impression is abroad that the Mr. Turner re-fenoo to above is the intrepid climber of that name who formerly lived at Penarth.

No confirmation of that suggestion is yet to hand. The last heard of the Penarth climber Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck his Cardiff friends is that he was in Siberia. With his customary generosity, Mr. Hughes, J. Petty, the local hon. Johnson, of chaster, the orga-niBing sec- retary, waited upon Mr. Stoil on Saturday evening, when he readily gave his coneent to assist the institution in this manner. Justice Channell heard the case of Gross and Cross, of Walsall v.

Strachan and Co. This was an action seeking to recover damages from defendants for alleged breach of contract and wok done and materials supplied. Defendamts were contrac- tors to the London and North Western Rail- way Company, and contracted to build an iron railway bridge for the company at Wembly, Middlesex.

They sub-contracted with plaintiffs for the supply of iron and work for the building of this bridge. Plain- tiff said that at a certain ste. Defendant pleaded justiftcatio,u end counter-claimed for expenses aud for loss of credit to the railway company.

Cooinassie-etreet, Newport- crt? According to Police-constable Aiming, ho was kicking like a horse, and his legs were going like the propeller of a, ship. Defendant said he did not remem- ber anything about it, as he was drunk. Afber being put out of the Queen's Hotel Police-comstabie Annin. On lifting up his head to see what was the matter with him O'Shea kicked him in the jaw. Defendant said he had been out of work, but offered to pay now 10s.

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This offer was accepted. I From the few dispatches received here from Sevastopol there is but little doubt that the majority of the troops, as well as the sailors, are in a state of open revolt, and that the mutineers are in complete control of the town. Dating for active people wording of the Admiralty com- munique Is most significant, as it does not mention any likelihood of the suppression of the disorders or that any measures h-a-ve been adopted to that end.

The officiate' silence on this point is regarded as confirma- tion of the rumours that the Black Sea. Fleet Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck been seized by the mutineers. The revolt has, apparently, been long in preparation, and has been carried out deliberately and methodically.

There have been Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck excesses such as characterised the revolts at Kron- stadt and Vladivostok. The sailors, pa. The Brest regi- ment joined them, and other regiments fol- lowed suit, and there is only one regiment— the Brelostok—specifically mentioned in the dispatches as rema-ining loyal.

With Wives looking casual sex pilot rock enthusiasm all the mutineers, muinbering 10, then marched through the town, with red flags flying and Blowjobs palm reynosa from females bands playing.

They -met the Brelostok Regiment, which did not attempt to intervene, but pre- sentoo arms upon the National Anthem being played by the bands. Here and there halts were made for tha delivery of political speeches. The mutineers returned to their barracks in the evening.

One telegram says that the artillery have joined the mutincoys, and that the other troops wdt die-ail ec-tcd. Petersburg correspondent I says: -Admiralty dispatches rei ort the mutiny of four warshipe, and describe Wantesthick situation as desperate. Sevastopol is in the hands of revoltod soldiers and sailors. There is a panic in the town, and the inhabitants a. Cl Russkiya Yiedomosti" reporta that the? A telegram from Simferopol says that troops are being sent to Sevastopol. I I Paris, Monday.

Petersburg says that there has been a collision at Sevastopol between ridee sailors and soldiers. The Bieloslok Regiment remained neutral, but the Biest Regiment, now stationed at Sevastopol, took part with the insurgents. Yesterday, however, obeying their officers, the men returned to barra-cks. The "Petit Parisien" publishes the follow- ing telegram from its correspondent at St. Petersburg:—"The Socialist movement among the sailors at Sevastopol has partially spread I to the Army.

We are on the eve of a revolu- tion in the Russian Army. Power Will pass to the only organised force in Russia, viz. It is still hoped here that the Zemstvoist Congress will provide a means of terminating the conflict.

Count Witte has telegraphed to the president of the congress pegging him to see that the delegates to the I congress use moderation in their demands. It is an Wantedthicm age tha. I am asking myself how it is all going Wantedtbick end. For the defence it wrus stated that a hogshead of rum was received at the hotel on May 27, when Wantedthlck contained the legal pro- portions.

The rum was placed in a number of bottles, and it was suggested that a quan- tity of water was accidentally left in the bottles after they had been washed. Schuster in the latest number ot the "BerlineX Kliniscbe Woohenschrift. Strange Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck say, figures and numbers present no difficulty to. He oan write, but what he has written he cannot read, nor does he again recognise his own hand-writing.

It is erroneous to suppose that pu sight is in any way affected. Schuster comes to the conclusion that an pg has taken place in the con- nection between the Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck sphere of sight and ro powers of associating ideas.

Schuster calls the newly-disoovered disease soul-blindness. Davies, Cartref, Llanstephan. V Afij1R. ER'Th J! For Lis. Printed r5ter rr. Seaborne, Brynheuiog, Hongosd. Car- dl Church-road: 5 ph 2 X reception; h. Key at 62 next door. Stock-rooms and Offices, St! Mary-street, ToLet,Stock-rooins and Eet Theatre Rovsl! FJR Sale, double-fronted Shop; house, stable; tgick Ju road; prosperous colliery district; new premises- suit any business.

New- port. I good opening for ladies' and gentlemen's hair- dresser and tobacconist—Apply, Hairdrc?.? A' tk, 93, Cowbndr-e-road. Apply 27, Havelcck-strect, Cardiff. Hcrn Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck ]Pertwc,e, 93,? Cardiff, smart Restaurant, with ts and Tobacco; ingoing low; no goodwill; low rent; owner taking large business. John, Maesyr- haf, Pencoed, Glam. Ragged Man," ex "Lady"; lovely pups; good Vine and coats; 34 months. Gibbons, Tunlev F-irm, near BaXh.

L Cardinal": 4 month; cheap, 15s. O Quay-street, rarmarthen. WWantedthick, 87, Ma. Rtre-t, Cathay? Canton corner of Ann-street.

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Arip'v 0n Premie", or to Elkingtcn. East Canal Wh? Donald-street, Cardiff. Traps, w9rn- I' nont-cy-carts, 2 Basket Trucks; all kin of Handt. Light Crankaxle Cart. Queen-street, or East Canal Wharf. Navvy Wantedtick. Rowland, Railway-crescent, East Mcors. Fine Selection of choice Bulbs of our own "? Assorted Colonrs. Garden Sundries of all ki" 7. Special Chrysanthe- mum Manure. Enfield, Quadmnt, Singer, B.

Send post-card for list giving fullest particulars.

Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck

Crabbe roller lever front and back rim brakes, latest Perry's ball-beaxin? M House. Mad;re, P. Eady fittings, free-wheel. Golfj M?? Be D'OD. Car- diff.

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DE DIO? Clam j. Class 2 —First Prize. Only one De Dion entered. Class 3. Sole District Sgent for Triumphs. S Minerva, L. Catalogues on application. LOU 4s. IT Hvicintn Glasses, together with 12 ood.

Sparkcs, Home Farm, Kcntchurch, Here- ford. Russel-cord Cns? History of Ens! S of the Wrld's Commerce,? Phone sex visalia StorM. Westem h:l Buildinsf Canliff. Price 'rri? Frenen Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck w? Guide to? How to open an account, with small capital. Contains highest and lowest sap' for last 15 years—Gratis and post free from Publishers, Freeborn; Frank'in, and Co. IJ PJt6 Co. IfJL Carttief. Carpets, Furniture.

Oirds, or'Mcmc?. Othu T-IN-terpror,f Goods. Telegraphic Address, Tarpaulins. Call and see our assort- ment cases free. Official Cheap Stars Travis Mor. Leo cheap green bay packers sam barrington elite jerseys Their was a mutual attraction and so they sat together about the bus with two distinct plans in the mind.

She created to him with your ex reasons for where she was going and why she chosen to leave home. If you prefer urban views, grab your helmet and pedal around Branson's historic old town but steer clear of the main strip, where heavy traffic and flashing lights is definitely a nightmare even for more experienced cyclists.

Results of previous book sales have given funds for carpeting, bookshelves and other benefits on your library. Harry is known as a senior citizen Fulbright Exploration Scholar around the C.

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The installation of calming internal cleansing providers. Ash Huge Located at Belton High school graduati. These are just the absolute best four Christmas songs that find my play list every year. Women's basketball rules were modified we that it was generally considered that basketball was too rigorous a hobby for women. It is a shame to give up that momentum, to deny Crosby as well as the Canadians the chance to defend, to deny Team USA a go to compensate for that loss and aim for their first gold medal since For gumbo, the roux should really be very dark.

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By a simple points scored versus field goals attempted metric, James had his least efficient offensive game of the year during Tuesday's Game 3, scoring 15 points on 7 Wantedthick wet py to ride a thick ck 21 shooting, dealing with the free throw line zero times. Still, of one, wef surveyed, 76 percent feel like their child personal growth because of potty training is, ultimately, a great reward.

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